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20 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2021


20 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2021

WordPress Blogs to Follow- Prosper Affiliate Marketing


WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the internet. the perfect platform for growing your business or blog. You can do amazing things in the fast-paced digital world with the help of countless themes and plugins that optimize your website. WordPress is constantly evolving, and to stay on top of it, you'll need tutorials and guides to help you navigate it.

"How do I start a WordPress blog?" type questions. Worship is an art form that can be taught. Exactly where can I learn WordPress the best? What is the best way to get started with WordPress?" additionally, there's an enormous amount of data readily accessible via well-designed blogs.

In this article, we'll look at the top 20 WordPress blogs to watch in 2021, the blogs that will provide invaluable information.

Blogs that “MUST” be Followed

Blogging is one of the best ways to learn and stay current with any technology. WordPress blogs that are well-written and offer simple solutions to common problems do just that.

#1 WPBeginner

The blog's title suggests its goal: to be the best WordPress tutorial blog for beginners who want to become experts in WordPress. The blog is designed to assist newcomers in getting off to a good start and succeeding along the way. Starting with WordPress installation, configuration, and hosting, all the way to selecting the best methods and plugins for success, WPBeginner has you covered.

You can learn a lot about WordPress by reading the blog's latest news, updates, and reviews, as well as discovering the best themes and plugins for different purposes.

You can learn a lot about WordPress by reading the blog's latest news, updates, and reviews, as well as by checking out the best themes by category and the best plugins for a particular task. With more than 600,000 readers and 320K subscribers who value the content, the blog has the best chance of expanding.

Syed Balki founded the site in 2009, and it has since become the go-to resource for anyone learning WordPress. WordPress CMS is a great place to start and expand your skills. This is the place to start if you want to be the best from the beginning.

#2 WPlift

WPlift is a great resource for finding out about the most recent WordPress updates, as well as unbiased reviews and helpful tutorials. This is the best starting point for any WordPress user. This well-known WordPress blog is critical in providing a useful and interesting blog post on the rapidly expanding WordPress platform. It's no longer a chore to learn more about WordPress. WPlift makes certain of it.

Many WordPress users rely on Oliver Dale's blog, which he started in 2010. View their gallery and you'll see how powerful the blog truly is.

A competitive advantage can be gained by reading in-depth reviews, following the best tutorials, and learning about key plugins. The site's WordPress news provides a quick look at the most recent industry developments each week. Each month, we bring you a round-up of the best themes from each category.

#3 CodeinWP

WordPress-committed creatives now have a single point of contact. WordPress resources centralized at CodeinWP. One of the best WordPress-related blogs to keep an eye on if you want to see your business grow. The WordPress scene is broken down into simple English for everyone to understand, resulting in blogs that are simple and easy to understand.

Excellent WordPress tutorials and weekly updates, including the most recent tutorials on plugins to learn WordPress. The well-written articles on the site help you learn more about WordPress plugins by providing lists and comparisons of the different ones. Utilize this website to its full potential if you want to achieve success in your chosen field.

Website created by Ionut Neagu to help people better understand WordPress in the year 2013.

#4 WPLeaders

A well-known WordPress blog dedicated to improving things from the point of view of all users. A blog that is rapidly expanding and provides accurate information on WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, and so on. A well-written, in-depth blog on the latest WordPress trends and techniques for advancing quickly in WordPress technology.

WPleaders provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your WordPress website's plugins, themes, and hosting needs. The best place to learn about WordPress is from the experts.

#5 Post Status

Learn about the latest WordPress trends and updates from Post Status to help you succeed in your business endeavors. WordPress's Post status feature curates the most relevant news for its users. Professionals and casual WordPress users alike will find it a valuable resource.

Among the topics covered are cutting-edge WordPress news, in-depth tutorials, and effective ways to improve WordPress. Brian Krogsgard and Brian Richards' WordPress-only podcast keeps you up to date on the latest goings-on in the WordPress ecosystem. An essential blog for staying on top of WordPress news and updates.

#6 LearnWoo

Learn Woo, the blog's title implies that the site's goal is to educate readers on WooCommerce. WordPress WooCommerce scalability is well-explained on this site, which offers a slew of practical solutions. This guide will show you how to take your WooCommerce store to the next level. This is a must-see website with vital information readily available.

Additionally, the website provides advanced tutorials for the most recent WordPress upgrades. You'll only find this information here. The website's personalization tutorials are excellent; they make customizing a WordPress site simple and painless. Visit the blog's WordPress security and performance tutorials to learn how to make your WordPress store the most efficient and optimized it can be.

#7 WP Arena

Use WP Arena to learn WordPress. It's an information-rich blog that has the best collection of unbiased plugin information and well-researched comparison results on the WordPress trending plugins space. The website is constantly sprinkling readers with useful WordPress development tips and tricks.

WP Arena, in particular on the customization part, offers unmatched knowledge to make the best choice when dealing with WordPress plugins. The site's user-friendly "How-to" tutorials never fail to impress them. Before you buy a plugin, be sure to read through the user reviews on the plugin's official website.


There are many popular WordPress blogs out there, but WPEKA is one of the most well-known. This is a one-of-a-kind blog with in-depth tutorials and reviews of WordPress plugins. Everything you need to know about growing your business with WordPress, in plain English. WordPress guides and updates on the growth and development of every WordPress-based business.

This website's WordPress tutorial is full of helpful information and makes things simple for visitors. The website's SEO and WordPress security information is top-of-the-line.

#9 Pressidium Blog

Pressidium, a WordPress hosting company founded in 2014, has been in business for two years. WordPress hosting service with must-read blogs. In recent years, it has grown rapidly because of the precise and necessary information provided on blogs.

They provide useful information on WordPress hosting, WordPress security, and step-by-step tutorials on how to make your WordPress site perform better.

The best thing about this blog is the ability to solve WordPress-specific technical issues. The best WordPress blogs are those that focus on how to make every WordPress website run more efficiently. Individual blogs on the websites provide a wealth of information about the tasks that can be completed without the use of complex technology.

#10 WPTavern

An all-in-one resource for everything WordPress-related, including the most recent news. WordPress CMS growth and development blogs that are both exciting and easy to read. Instead of focusing on how to use WordPress, businesses should focus on how to reach and succeed using WordPress.

The best place to start if you want to know everything about a new WordPress update is here. WP Tavern covers all the latest news, plugin reviews, expert opinions, trending themes in every category, and most importantly, the most recent events that can be fruitful for progressive businesses.

#11 ThemeGrill

This is one of the most popular and best WordPress blogs for learning everything there is to know about WordPress and its most recent updates. ThemeGrill lives up to its name.

It has the most up-to-date content on the hottest topics, which can make all the difference in converting website visitors into paying customers. The blog provides useful information on the most recent WordPress themes and plugins.

ThemeGrill is the best at keeping up with the latest WordPress plugins and themes. Every visit to the site will give you new information about the most recent updates to the WordPress ecosystem.

These blogs feature a collection of specialized themes and plugins, making them an excellent resource for learning about new tools before you start using them. Keep an eye on this blog so you don't miss out on any new themes or plugins.

#12 WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a great resource for learning about plugins because of the high quality of the reviews. Reviews of plugins, themes, and other products and services are provided that are free of bias. The blog is notable because it is run by renowned WordPress developer Jean Galea. You'll find useful tidbits about well-known plugins and themes on this site. They also provide tutorials, step-by-step instructions, opinion pieces, and the latest news in addition to these other resources.

Just go to the website and read the review before making any major decisions about plugin purchases or installations, and you'll make the right choice. Rather than simply believing what I say, go to the website and see for yourself.

#13 WPMU Dev Blog

To find the best WordPress security, performance, and backup tips and tutorials, look no further than WPMU dev. There are numerous in-depth, well-researched articles and tutorials on the WordPress spectrum. This is a great blog for WordPress users who want to improve their business and knowledge.

WordPress plugins, tutorials, support, updates, news, security, and performance are just a few of the many topics covered. If you're a WordPress devotee, you'll find a wealth of useful information here. This blog's WordPress premium academy is a standout feature.

The premium academy gives you access to WordPress experts who can help you learn and improve your WordPress knowledge. A complete WordPress solution with something for everyone.

#14 WP Manage Ninja Blog

Ninja warriors are known for their dexterity and speed. The same is true for the WP Manage Ninja blog, which is well-known for its high-quality plugins as well as its excellent blogs, all of which contain important WordPress information. With a focus on high-quality tutorials, this blog can have an enormous impact on how a business operates.

According to the ninja website, its plugins are known to be of excellent quality and to result in a noticeable difference in the operating mode. There are several blogs on the website that provide useful and much-needed information on WordPress's development and use. WordPress tutorials available on the site are of a higher caliber; give them a shot and you'll be glad you did.

#15 Dessign Blog

If you're looking for a great WordPress design blog, look no further. The Dessign website offers premium themes and provides crucial and incomparable inputs for better designs to attract and keep users on your WordPress site.

Those seeking significant design assistance will find plenty to learn from here. Know about the best themes for your specific blogs or websites that can do wonders for your popularity and reach in the online world. You can look for a roundup on just about any subject matter you want to learn more about. Achieve the pinnacle of WordPress innovation by being the best in terms of design. Dessign can help you get there.

#16 WP Superstars

WP Superstars is a plugin that streamlines the entire WordPress experience for you. This is the best place to learn WordPress and make the most of it. They specialize in creating tutorials that are simple to understand and follow, making them a valuable resource for any WordPress user. If you're new to WordPress and want to learn everything there is to know about it, this is the place for you.

With WP Superstars, you can give your WordPress blog or website superpowers. The most recent information on WordPress updates can be found in the section titled "The WordPress Update" and is helpful when making decisions about WordPress's most recent updates.

Reviews, themes, plugin comparisons, the most recent news updates, and much more. Everything you need to know about WordPress, all in one convenient location.

#17 WP Newsify

If you think that WP Newsify is only about WordPress news, you are mistaken. Their "How to Tutorials" are advanced and of extremely high quality, as their name suggests. Be confident that the tutorials you'll receive from this site will be of the highest quality.

There are tutorials for every part of WordPress that can be found there. A place where you can learn about WordPress and new plugins in detail. Follow these blogs to stay up-to-date on their rapid expansion and growing expertise.

To fully understand a plugin, read the website blog's round-up posts on the subject. Try it out and you'll be glad you didn't miss it.

#18 WPKube

If you're active in the WordPress community, you've probably heard of WPKube. Entirely devoted to disseminating information on WordPress's progress and current events. Blogs like this one are great for learning and implementing advanced techniques that can help your WordPress business grow exponentially.

The blog goes into great detail on how to install plugins, automate installs, and set up your Website's pages. Everything you need to know about "how to" can be found on this website, as well as an overview of the most recent WordPress developments.

Many of the best magazines around the world feature WPKube, which provides a great deal of value to anyone who uses it regularly. You will not be sorry if you give it a shot.

#19 WP shout

WPShout is a great source for information on WordPress plugins, themes, and news. The website's plugin review is excellent, as are the suggestions for improving WordPress's website and blogging capabilities.

When compared to the other blogs mentioned in the article, this one is quite advanced. It's a good thing when you're on the verge of graduating from beginner to intermediate status. These guys have some of the best WordPress tutorials around. You can rest assured that reading this blog will never be a waste of your time.

#20 WPExplorer

Are you interested in learning everything there is to know about WordPress on a single website? WPExplorer makes it easy to learn about WordPress and all of its different topics? WordPress education at your fingertips. WordPress tutorials, technical reviews, WordPress news, and simple, easy-to-understand how-to guides are all available here.

Not only that, but the site also provides a wealth of information on how to improve your marketing and SEO efforts on a larger scale. There are sections for premium and free plugins on each category of the website, which is useful if you want to enhance your WordPress website with some new functionality.

Gain Insights on trends

Technology is a rapidly expanding field, so staying up-to-date is critical if you want to succeed in today's competitive environment. One of the simplest ways to do this is to subscribe to the most popular blogs in the field you're interested in.

Use one of the aforementioned top WordPress blogs and you won't be sorry. Consider all of your options and make a concerted effort to stick with the one that best suits your needs. Keep your skills up-to-date to get the best results with the least amount of effort. Plan for your company's future growth and you'll have free access to the knowledge on these blogs.

WordPress Blogs to Follow - Prosper Affiliate Marketing

Time to Wrap Up

We've done a lot of research and testing to make sure you have the best possible WordPress experience. All of the blogs listed here are well worth your time because they are devoted to making WordPress the best in the digital ecosystem. Each blog serves a specific purpose and has a unique point of view. Choose the one that has the most potential to benefit your business and make use of the resources provided by the blog. Start learning as soon as possible and don't waste any time.

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