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Dropshipping Business Chapter 4:   Dropshipping Scams


Dropshipping Business

Chapter 4:   Dropshipping Scams

Because so many people dream of starting their own store and don’t have the funds to buy inventory up front, there are a lot of scammers that prey on those people.

Fortunately, these places are usually easy to spot. Here are a few ways you can spot scams and avoid them.

Monthly Fees— Stay away from companies that require a monthly fee for “membership”. Legitimate drop shippers will never charge you a monthly fee for access. Often, companies that charge a monthly fee are really just directories of potential drop shippers. And if they claim to be a drop shipper rather than a directory, they are not an honest company.

Chapter 4:   Dropshipping Scams - Prosper Affiliate Marketing

Retail Prices— Be sure to check out the company’s prices to ensure they are lower than retail. If they are selling at retail, you should avoid them.

Selling to the Public— If a drop shipper is legitimate, they will usually require you to apply for a wholesale account and be approved. If they sell directly to the public, they are really just a retailer masquerading as a wholesale drop shipper.

There are many reputable dropshippers out there. Just be aware that scams exist, and be careful about which companies you do business with.

Dropshipping Scams

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