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6 Ways for web-free Affiliate Marketing


6 Ways for web-free Affiliate Marketing

Can I do website-free affiliate marketing? Even if it seems that the answer is “no,” it may indeed be “yes.”

The main part of affiliate marketing is to get your link out there and before people who look for that.

Ways for web-free  - Prosper Affiliate Marketing

Your job is to establish a relationship with people looking for your product in a way that promotes visitors to purchase and presents it in the best light.

With this post, you can have affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase I can receive a commission for you at no additional cost.

1 — Hubpage!!!

Ways for web-free - Prosper Affiliate Marketing

To direct visitors to your offer and link you can add to the HubPages free of charge and create a page called “mini-website/blog.” You can freely share your passion and meet others who do the same.

Write your own articles with photographs and links and say what you want to say in support of products.

2 — Post On Blogs/Forums!!!

You must find a forum in your niche, otherwise, your promotion is gone. Check your signature forum rules, but if it’s a “go” then insert a link to your signature and post it off!

Two great places to start are the Warrior Forum and Quora.

It’s helpful to be a regular blog or forum poster

This confirms your confidence that you are not a spammer or scammer. Offer valued posts; random posts with lots of links are regarded as spamming and can prohibit you.

It might be a good idea to post a couple of times before you sign your link. See where you can be most effective around the whole forum

3 — Write An EBook To Give Away Or Sell It Cheap On eBay!!!

Ways for web-free - Prosper Affiliate Marketing

On your social media accounts, you can promote it. This is a wonderful way of getting your name out, especially if you encourage people to share and like your “freebie.”

Your book isn’t really big — 20 pages are going to be big — and what you want can be called.

For instance, the “Last Guide” or the “Special Report,” or any other mood word to encourage people to download. Your book, not only the ads, should be informative.

4 — Social Media

Before you start promoting publicity in your social network, be sure to read the terms of service. How many links you can place can be rules.

For product reviews, social media is working well.

Ensure that your content is linked to your niche, add many photos and direct them to the link.

The big places to start are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Join groups/boards of other people to find a network of people of the same mind.

5 — YouTube Videos

This is the best way to perform product reviews, unboxes, and demonstrations by far. You will get confidence and customers if you can physically show your audience a product and what it looks like in real life!

Screencast O Matic is a tool you can use.

Many YouTube videos explain the way YouTube starts

I find this amusing personally, but what better way than at the source to learn.

Be aware that you allow someone to take your video and share it on their site or on their social media platform if you activate the “Share” button. This can depend on whether it’s good or bad.

You can disable the share button if you do not want this.

6 — Write Ads For Classified Websites

Or review! or review! Go forward and write a review post with your product link and post it on Craigslist, or

Be sure to put your ad in the right category, and make sure there is more than one category you can use for whatever you promote. For example, dog training manuals and animal categories can be placed in education.

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